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Sunscreen price in Bangladesh at Beauty Booth

No matter how many cosmetics you use, your skin is unsafe without good sunscreen. Aren't you putting your skin at risk by not using proper sunscreen? The extreme heat produced by the sun and ultraviolet rays (UV) negatively impacts on our body and skin. Regular sun exposure without proper protection can have unwanted effects on our lives by causing premature aging, wrinkling, skin cancer and loss of elasticity.

To protect yourself from such alarming effects, Beauty Booth is at your side with its vast collection of sunscreen products. Although sunscreen prices in Bangladesh vary based on brand, location and other factors, we provide reasonably priced products at your doorstep.

Today, we will explore sunscreen classification, benefits and application tips in detail.

What is sunscreen?

Sunscreen is an exceptionally designed product that is used to protect your skin from Sun’s UV radiation. Sun’s UV rays are mainly of two types: UVA and UVB. UVA radiation penetrates deep skin and causes wrinkles and aging. Another ray of UVB affects the upper skin and causes skin cancer and sunburn. Sunscreen can prevent both types of radiation.

Types of Sunscreen

Sunscreen can be classified from various aspects. In terms of formulation, it can be divided into the following parts: 

  1. Lotions

  2. Creams

  3. Gels

  4. Sprays

  5. Sticks etc.

 All sorts of sunscreen, with various variants, are available in our online store. Check out now!

Benefits of using sunscreen

There are various benefits of using sunscreen items. Some remarkable benefits are mentioned below:

Protection against UV rays

Sunscreen protects UV rays and acts like a barrier that deters UV rays from penetrating the skin.

Prevents sunburn

Sunburn is uncomfortable to anyone. Sunburn is a kind of skin damage that is caused by UVB radiation. Proper using of sunscreen can prevent sunburn.

Prevents premature aging

Sun’s UV rays are responsible for wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots, which accelerate premature aging. Sunscreen helps to prevent harmful rays and makes skin smooth and youthful.

Maintains skin health

Sunscreen helps keep the skin hydrated, smooth and healthy by proper protection against sun-related damage. It rejuvenates the skin’s natural barriers and self-protection power.

In addition to the above, sunscreen reduces hyperpigmentation, preserves collagen and provides year-round protection.

How to apply sunscreen for optimum results

Before using sunscreen, follow our below guidance to get maximum results.

Choose the right sunscreen

Select a sunscreen with a broad spectrum coverage and an SPF of 30 or above. Water-resistant sunscreen is widely recommended.

Use at the right time

Apply sunscreen when you go out of the home, especially when you have a chance to be exposed to sunlight. Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before heading outside into the sun.

Enough quantity

Use a sufficient amount of sunscreen to get optimum results. One ounce is enough for adults, but if you want to cover more places of your body, take more sunscreen.

Apply in the right place

Don't apply sunscreen only to your face. Use the whole uncovered area. You must use lip sunscreen to protect your lips.


When exposed to the sun continuously, reapply sunscreen every two hours. Take sunscreen immediately after a shower or swimming.

Sunscreen price in Bangladesh

Sunscreen prices in Bangladesh depend on brand, location, discount, etc. We assure you that you can buy sunscreen from us at very reasonable prices. We often have discounts on various occasions and some digital payments.  Check our website for offers and discounts.

Why to shop at Beauty Booth

Beauty Booth is the most trusted online beauty partner in Bangladesh. We provide the best quality and branded sunscreens across Bangladesh. We offer original products, door-to-door delivery, digital payments, easy product return policy, etc. 

A bit of hesitation in using the proper sunscreen may lead you to suffer in the long run. So, buy the right sunscreen now at the most reasonable prices without delay. Browse our website to experience the vast collection of sunscreen and beauty items. Enjoy the superb shopping experience in Bangladesh at Beauty Booth