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Lip Tint Price in Bangladesh

The lip is the most critical and sensitive part of our body. So, we must pay keen attention to our lips to present ourselves appealingly. Unveiling the beauty of lip is complex in Bangladesh due to the harsh weather in two main seasons i.e. summer and winter. 

But beautifying our lips is not a minor deal with Beauty Booth Bangladesh. We offer various types of lip tints to glorify your lips. Although lip tint prices in Bangladesh vary among brands, we have a massive collection of lip tints with different price ranges.

In the next part of our article, we will explore lip tints in our collection, their benefits, and their usage process.

Variations of lip tint

The lip tint is a liquid, balm, or gel-based lip cosmetic that can paint lips attractively. It enhances the natural beauty of the lips. Lip tint can be classified based on the following factors:

Colour: Blod, Medium, Sheer.

Finish: Satin, Glossy, Matte.

Ingredients: Wax-based, Water-based, Oil-based, 

Formula: Liquid type, Gel type, Balm type.

Whatever the classification and variation, you will find enough collections of lip tints in Beauty Booth Bangladesh. Trendy Korean lip tints are also available on our site.

Why should you use lip tints?

There are many benefits of lip tint. It is now a standard item in ladies' handbags. Some other lip cosmetics may be uncomfortable due to the harsh climate, but lip tints are easily tolerable. Some other benefits of lip tint are given below:

Unveil a natural look

Most other lip cosmetics give our lips a very artificial and deep makeup look. But the lip tint provides a lightweight and thin coating on the lips that blends in with the lips and expresses an entirely natural look. This is a must-buy item for those who love the natural look of lips.


Lip tints are more long-lasting and durable than other lip cosmetics. It does not become a blur in a short time. You must have one for stable purposes. 


Huge colour variant

Manufacturers of lip tints produce a massive variety of colour variants. In Beauty Booth Bangladesh, you will find all color variants of lip tint. Besides, some brands allow building customized color variants. There is almost no chance that you will go back empty from us.


Lip tints may be used along with other lip cosmetics to enhance longevity and color intensification. Many people use lip tints on cheeks besides lips.

How to use a lip tint

Applying lip tint is effortless. You can follow four steps as mentioned below:

Exfoliate: Smoothly exfoliate your lips. Use a lip scrub to clean dry and damaged skin.

Moisturize: Moisturiser lip balm must smooth your lips before applying lip tint. You can collect branded lip moisturizers from our Beauty Booth.

Apply lip tint: Apply lip tint through the applicator or fingertip. You should apply in the center of the lip and then spread carefully where required. If you want a more intense look, let dry out the first layer and then apply more as needed.

Blend for the desired look: To get a natural look, perfectly pat the lips together. You can also use your fingertip for better blending of the tint. This will give you the perfect natural look.

Why do you buy from Beauty Booth?

What a modern shop provides, we have everything from online payment to doorstep delivery. Moreover, we are a genuine product seller with a vast collection in Bangladesh. You must try us at least once to get full satisfaction through buying cosmetics.

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Data last updated on 4/25/2024