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Presenting Rom&Nd: a company that creates amazing, easy-to-use products! Rom&Nd’s main goal is to enable you to worry-free life. Our mission is to simplify and brighten your life. Our products are quite simple to use. We make sure everything is user-friendly. 

Still, that's not all! Rom&Nd Zero is also gentle on Earth. We strive to be environmentally responsible and reduce trash because we love Mother Earth. We make our items using sustainable materials and processes. Making the eco-friendly decision to use Rom&Nd makes you feel wonderful.

Where in Bangladesh Can I Find Rom&Nd Products?

The Beauty Booth offers a collection of products from Rom&Nd if you're searching for an online retailer. They charge a very reasonable fee to provide their services wherever in Bangladesh, including at your doorstep.

Rom&Nd’s Historical Background

Saeron Min, a well-known Korean beauty influencer, created the South Korean cosmetics company Romand in 2016. Saeron, better known as Gaeko, introduced her enthusiasm for dramatic, transforming makeup looks to Romand, inspiring the brand's vibrant lip tints and striking colors.  

What Rom&Nd Products Beauty Booth Has to Offer

Rom&Nd Zero Matte Lipstick

A popular line of weightless matte lipsticks that slide on effortlessly and leave your lips feeling hydrated is the Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipstick series. These are buildable mattes that aren't crumbly or cakey and last all day! Their buttery, delicate composition doesn't accentuate wrinkles or dry out your lips. They complement all skin tones and come in an array of stunning, runway-worthy hues. They apply sheer and may be made bold, so you can change the intensity to fit your mood. They can be used for special occasions or daily wear. The most stylish lipstick that you'll want to wear every day and bring with you anywhere.

Rom&nd-Zero Velvet Tint 

A smooth, gentle lip color for lips with natural beauty. Natural color is provided by Zero Velvet Tint and is sustained from the moment of application until the end of the day. Its smooth, light matte consistency smears and blurs easily, leaving your lips feeling smooth and silky. 

Why Choose Rom&Nd

Its lightweight composition glides on smoothly and feels moisturizing and pleasant. Select from a variety of eye-catching hues that fit any mood or situation. Rom&nd Lip Tints can be used to achieve a subtle, natural look or a strong, striking look that will make your lips incredibly kissable.

Shipping Details for Rom&Nd

  • Those delivered within Dhaka take 1-2 days to arrive, while those placed outside the city take 3-5 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the brand Rom&nd Korean?

The South Korean cosmetics company Rom&Nd was established with the help of renowned beauty influencer Saeron Min, also referred to as Gaeko renowned for her amazing and game-changing makeup methods.

Are Rom&nd tints safe to use?

They are safe to use because of their harmless ingredients.