Panoxyl PM Overnight Spot Patches Advanced Hydrocolloid Healing Technology Fragrance Free (40Count)

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Panoxyl PM Overnight Spot Patches utilize advanced hydrocolloid healing technology to heal and protect your skin from spots. These patches aim to absorb fluids for faster healing of blemishes. Hydrocolloids are a natural medicine for spot recovery. These overnight patches are designed to promote your skin healing. It protects the skin from dirt and other impurities. 

This product reduces the risk of scarring on your face. It removes acne-prone spots and makes the skin more appealing. Each box contains 40 patches in 9mm and 12mm sizes, clear your blemishes no matter how big or small, 

Panoxyl PM Spot Patches Price in Bangladesh

Ditch the dark circles, not your money! Unleash the power of Panoxyl PM Spot Patches. Head to Beauty Booth today and enjoy the Overnight Spot Patches difference!

Benefits of Panoxyl PM Spot Patches

  • Targets blemishes and helps to  heal faster

  • Protects your skin

  • Absorbs pus and fluids from the skin

  • Reduces scarring risk


Product Type: 

Spot Patch




40 Patches (9mm and 12mm)


Spot Patch, Panoxyl Spot Patch

Ideal For:

All Skin Types


Hydrocolloid dressing

How to Use Panoxyl PM Spot Patches

  • Clean and dry your skin

  • Select the right size to cover the area

  • Apply the patch 

  • Leave it overnight

What Makes Panoxyl PM Spot Patches a Better Option?

Its faster healing formula absorbs pus and fluids overnight for more rapid blemish elimination. These patches work in your skin like a shield, preventing dirt and impurities. It works on all skin types. These little thicker patches allow better absorption of blemish-causing fluids. Panoxyl  Spot Patches reduce the risk of scarring. Convenient and easy to use with two sizes that meet your requirements.

Panoxyl PM Spot Patches Review

Customers who reviewed these overnight patches are great for those struggling with stubborn blemishes. Reviewers commented on these as their favorite products for dealing with pimples. Users highlighted the fast-acting and gentle results in removing dark spots. Some of them confirm, that these patches work great in preventing spots from their faces, Several reviewers love the fact of two patch sizes for targeted surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Panoxyl safe to use every day?

Yes, it is safe for everyday use.

At what age can you use Panoxyl?

12 years of age and older.

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