The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Facial Cleansing Oil (Light) (150ml)

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The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil has a light, watery texture that easily removes heavy makeup and pollutants from the skin while also brightening it. Plant-based substances, like jojoba oil and rice bran oil, maintain the skin's brightness and cleanliness. Mineral oil has not been included in the formulation of this cleansing oil.

The cleansing oil has a 150ml quantity and is packaged in a pump system bottle. It is simple to use and convenient for travel. The product does not waste because of its pump system bottle. 

Where to Get Face Shop Cleansing Oil Online in Bangladesh

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Benefits of Face Shop Cleansing Oil

  • Eliminates contaminants made of oil, such as makeup, SPF, and sebum

  • Acts as the starting point for double-cleaning

  • More radiant skin 

  • Gets you one step closer to skin that is like glass


Product Type: Cleanser, Cleansing Oil

Brand: The Face Shop

Quantity: 150ml 

Tag: The Face Shop Cleansing Oil, The Face Shop Brightening Cleansing Oil, Face Shop Cleansing Oil

Ideal For: Oily Skin Types

How to Use Face Shop Cleansing Oil

  • Use a cotton pad to apply a few drops

  • Lightly wipe your face

  • Use a cleanser on your skin and lukewarm water to wash it off

What Makes Face Shop Cleansing Oil the Better Option? 

It maintains the skin's brightness and cleanliness. Mineral oil is not used in the formulation of this cleansing oil. Eliminates contaminants made of oil, such as cosmetics, sunscreen, and sebum.

Review of Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil

Users praised this product for not leaving their faces greasy at all. They stated that since they started using it, they had noticed a noticeable difference in their skin. Their face felt amazing after using it, and it felt lavish while doing so. It removes makeup much more effectively without overly irritating their skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For oily skin, is the Face Shop rice water cleanser a good option?

It is quite helpful for those who have oily or acne-prone skin.

Are face cleansing oils beneficial?

Your skin can remain healthy and hydrated by using cleansing oils to balance its natural oil production.

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