Skincafe Cold Pressed Castor Oil (120ml)

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The ricinoleic acid in the cold-pressed castor oil balances the pH level of the scalp and its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties treat the scalp from dandruff. Thick hair: Castor oil increases the strength of hair and protects it from breakage, split ends and hair fall.


Castor oil is enriched with vitamin E, omega fatty acids and proteins, castor oil helps prevent hair fall, premature greying of hair, battle irritated scalp problems and promotes hair growth. Be it tan, pigmentation, acne or ageing castor oil is the best fix for all.

How To Use

Massage Skin Cafe Castor Oil into your scalp. Apply the oil to the rest of your hair, using a comb to ensure even coverage. It doesn’t need to be soaked through with oil, but all of your hair should be moist. After applying the oil put a shower cap on and wait for 30 minutes. This helps to add some heat, which can help the ingredients get absorb into your hair. Then wash it off with a regular shampoo.

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