Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine (30 pads)

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  1. Firmer and Tighter Skin Elasticity: Tighten and strengthen skin elasticity with antioxidants
  2. Get Skin that is Softer and Smoother: Achieve smooth skin texture with 2 step peeling action
  3. Tightening effect for Enlarged, Sagging Pores: Pore Soothing, Refining, and Controlling, Maintain a Balanced Oil and Sebum Production
  4. Get brighter, More Even and Glowing Skin: Remove accumulated dead skin cells to Reveal skin that is glowing bright and healthy


Enjoy a gentle peeling delivered by pure cotton gauze!


  • Pure cotton gauze gently works on delicate baby skin without irritation so it is safe to use.
  • With thin and fine texture, it does not give a stimulus to skin.
  • NEOGEN Peeling Gauze works on skin surface but also between fine lines and skin texture. It is different to other regular peeling care that give excessive irritation. It makes possible to soft peeling effect without stimulus.


3-layers structure gauze pack pad


  • 1st layer – 100% Pure cotton mesh gauze pad: Cotton gauze with a lattice woven texture using a 100% cotton composition. The unique design structure helps gently remove dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells without irritation.
  • 2nd layer – Cushion pad: Cushion pad, presses 100% cotton mesh gauze pad to fit the skin more effectively. It provides and soft and plush feeling that prevents any uncomfortable skin stimulation or agitation.
  • 3rd layer – Embossed pad: All sorts of active ingredient in each different peeling serum arranges the skin texture and removes the fine dead skins on the skin surface to make skin smoother and softer while delivering the distinct ingredient benefits to the skin.


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