Groome Charcoal Nose Strips (6 strips) (2024/03/20)

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Groome Charcoal Purifying & Deep Cleansing Nose Strip is a one-step cleansing treatment specifically designed to unclog pores and lift away unwanted blackheads. Regular use of this product helps tighten pores and make skin healthy and fresh. Groome Charcoal Purifying & Deep Cleansing Nose Strips instantly clean and unclog pores to purify your skin for the deepest clean in just 10 minutes. See instant results when you use Groome Charcoal Purifying & Deep Cleansing Nose Strip. With continual use, you can help reduce the appearance of blackheads and see a visible reduction in the size of your pores. Invigorate your skincare routine with Groome Charcoal Nose Pore Strips; These easy-to-use strips will help remove dirt and oil from your pores, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. Using our patented c bond technology, Groome Charcoal Nose Pore Strips are designed to be used once a week to bind to and remove blackheads not skin. Our uniquely developed pore strips act like a magnet to safely and effectively remove dirt, reduce oily skin and help eliminate blackheads.

How To Use

Step 1 Wash your face, and make sure it is free from any cream, lotion or makeup.

Step 2 Open the packet with dry hands and peel the strip off from the plastic liner.

Step 3 Wet your nose with water.

Step 4 Apply the strip facing the shiny side.

Step 5 Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 6 Now peel off the strip starting from the edges towards the center.

Step 7 Apply ice on your nose.

Step 8 Use once every two weeks.

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