Browit Slim Eyeliner And Eyebrow Exclusive Set #Ash Brown (10gm)

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Browit Pre-Size Slim Eyeliner

Make your eyes stand out and have dimension with BROWIT PRECISE SLIM EYELINER, eyeliner slim, ultra-slender head, only 0.05mm, easy to write, giving you sharp, smooth, long-lasting, waterproof, sweat-proof, smudge-proof, allowing you to draw contour eyes as he wants Created by Nong Chat, a leading professional makeup artist in Thailand.

Browit Pro Slim Brown Pennsylvania :

Soft eyebrow pencil with Intense color in one go Provides sharp, beautiful, natural, long-lasting lines designed by Nong Chat-Chatchai. famous makeup artist in Thailand good quality pencil not brittle Can be used to create line-by-line eyebrows. Make your eyebrows look natural. It can also be used to easily capture the details of the eyebrows. Comes with an eyebrow brush that is soft, not hard, does not cause irritation to the skin around the eyebrows.

How To Use

Browit Pre-Size Slim Eyeliner

Rotate the cap, then use the magic head eyeliner to write around the eyes. by focusing on the edge of the eye as much as possible To make the eyes stand out with dimensions

Browit Pro Slim Brown Pennsylvania

Turn the pencil up a bit, slowly drawing the outline and writing one line at a time, starting from the bottom of the eyebrows to fill in. and continue to draw until the eyebrows get the shape that is beautiful and sharp as you want Then use the brush on the other side to blend the eyebrows again. to make the smoothness more natural.

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