Baby Bright Lip & Cheek Velvet Cherry Blossom #05 Peach Sakura (2.4gm)

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velvet cream lipstick Soft and smooth touch Pigment is clear, long-lasting, delivers moisture with extracts from brown seaweed. (Dictyopteris Oil) and red seaweed extract. (Astaxanthin) helps to tighten and firm lips with nourishing extracts from cherry blossoms. Reduce dark circles and protect lips from UV rays can add charm to the lips and cheeks to look naturally beautiful. Like a Korean girl every day

How To Use

Rotate the lid using the applicator to slightly dab the product. Apply appropriate amount to the lips. Or use the tip of your finger to touch the applicator. Then bring to blend, blend or gently pat all over the lips for the lip essence to penetrate into the skin. Can be used on both the lips and cheeks. Turn the product lid tightly after every use

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