Baby Bright Bronze Brown Eye Palette (0.7g X 6 Colors)

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0.7g X 6 Colors
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Ignite your eyes with the Baby Bright 6-Color Eyeshadow Palette. With 3 different finishes, including pigmented matte, pearlescent shimmer, and sparkling glitter, this palette makes your eyes pop instantly thanks to its lasting, smooth, and intense pigments. Plus, anti-wrinkle pearl powder gives you naturally bright and youthful appearance. Create endless enchanting eye looks for a multitude of lifestyles using this eyeshadow palette!

How To Use 

Open the cap and use the brush to pick up a right amount of matte eyeshadow and apply onto your eyelid. Then, use darker shade, buffing it into the eye socket to add dimension. Finish off by applying shimmer or glitter eyeshadow for stunning results. Close the cap tightly after use.

made in Thailand 

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