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What are Toner and Mist? 

Typically, toner is a liquid that you put on your face after cleansing it. It aids in getting rid of any makeup, oil, or residue that your cleanser may have missed. Additionally, it aids in maintaining the pH balance of your skin, which is crucial for maintaining its health. Certain toners also have components that can moisturize or cleanse your skin, giving it a polished, radiant appearance.
Mist is similar to a revitalizing face mist. Typically, water or other moisturizing components like rose water or aloe vera are used to make it. It is quite helpful when it's hot outside or your skin feels parched and exhausted.

Combining mist and toner can provide your skin with the utmost luxury. Together, they exfoliate, moisturize, and revitalize your skin to leave it feeling and appearing at its best. Thus, remember to include toner and mist in your routine the next time you take care of your skin!

What Effects Do Mist and Toners Have on Skin? 

Mists and toners help prime your skin and optimize the advantages of your skincare routine. They help to hydrate and revitalize your skin for a more luminous and happy complexion. Toners are chemicals that deep clean your open pores, which helps to minimize pore size. Conversely, face mists include nourishing elements that rapidly moisturize your skin. 

Advantages of Using Toner and Mist

  • Defense against pollution

  • Offers appropriate hydration

  • Improve the texture of your skin

  • Soothes delicate skin

  • Repairs makeup

  • Helps minimize pores

  • Enhances the barrier that protects the skin

  • Tightens the skin 


Toner and Mist Types Available at Beauty Booth

Treatment Toner and Mist- The use of these mists and toners has numerous advantages. Thanks to ingredients like vitamin C, they can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions. They work well as antioxidants. Skin irritation is reduced as a result. These also aid in the healing of dark spots and the removal of acne scars. They are also helpful in the treatment of hyperpigmentation. 

Exfoliating Toner and Mist- As exfoliants, these contain hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and fruit acids. These lessen the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines, shrink big pores, and exfoliate the skin's dead cell layer. 

Hydrating Toner and Mist- Hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin are included in this kind of mist and toner to help moisturize the skin. These work well for all skin types, but dry skin benefits most from the extra moisture content.

Toner and Mist that Beauty Booth Have

Affordable Some By Mi Toner

Your skin will feel incredibly clean and fresh after using Some By Mi Toner, which is like a mystical potion for it. It helps remove any remaining debris and oil, keeping your skin feeling pleasant and flawless. Moreover, it is composed of mild chemicals that will not cause skin irritation.

A Korean skincare product that evens and brightens skin tone is called Some By Mi Galactomyces Vitamin C Toner. The purpose of the toner is to give the skin multiple advantages.

Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Toner leaves skin feeling fresh, silky, and hydrated while preventing freckles, dark spots, and other symptoms of aging. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin while illuminating pale skin and reducing freckles and imperfections.

Cosrx Toner

Every time you use Cosrx Toner, your skin feels refreshed and hydrated, just like a cool drink. Its mild components assist in restoring the pH balance of your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and healthy. 

Cosrx Bha Blackhead Toner clears out excess oil, unclogs pores, and lightens skin tone overall. This product is ideal for those with oily and acne-prone skin because it is made for tackling blackheads and whiteheads.

The purpose of the Cosrx Propolis Toner is to nourish, moisturize, and calm skin, thereby enhancing its overall texture and look. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in addition to assisting in regulating the skin's regular oil secretion.

The Body Shop Toner

Your skin feels clean and refreshed after using The Body Shop Toner to remove pollutants. It balances the natural pH of your skin and is mild enough for all skin types. For a more radiant, healthy complexion, use it every day.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner gets rid of any dirt and makeup residue that could block pores. In addition to leaving skin looking clean, strengthened revitalized, and noticeably clearer, it reduces the appearance of pores.

The Body Shop Seaweed Toner tones cleanses, and leaves skin with a smooth, matte finish. It eliminates all traces of cleanser and makeup while swiftly and thoroughly conditioning, purifying, and refreshing the skin.

Premium TirTir Toner

TirTir Toner deeply hydrates and revitalizes your skin. It leaves your face bright and smooth, making it ideal for daily usage. Experience a nurturing, soft application every time.

With its calming effect, TirTir Milk Toner leaves your skin feeling hydrated and renewed. It is a simple and efficient means of bringing out the natural brightness of your skin.

Etude House Toner

Your skin feels smooth and clean after using Etude House Toner. It enhances the texture and balances the moisture in your skin. For a healthy, radiant complexion, use it every day.

The soothing, moisturizing Etude House Relief Toner aids in preserving the skin's natural stability. It calms inflamed skin and helps to moisturize and heal the skin. 

Goodal Toner

Your skin feels clean and refreshed after using Goodal Toner. It maintains the natural oil balance of your skin and hydrates it all day. It works wonders on all skin types because of its mild recipe.

Goodal Rice Milk Toner soothes and nourishes delicate skin. It hydrates the skin deeply, smooths out its texture, and adds radiance.

Buy HaruHaru Toner

Haruharu Toner gives your skin a revitalizing boost, much like a drink would. Fermented black rice, full of natural health, is used to make it. Apply it every day to moisturize, radiant skin!

In addition to providing immediate moisturization, the Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Toner helps moisturize the skin and get it ready for goods to absorb as effectively as possible.

How to Use Toner and Mist

  • After cleansing your face, apply your toner to wet a cotton ball

  • Gently wipe it across your whole face

  • When using a mist, shake the bottle well before using it

  • At a distance, mist your face


How Do You Select the Right Mist and Toner?


Best Toner and Mist for Combination Skin

Seek out hydrating antioxidants and mild acids such as lactic, salicylic, and hyaluronic.

Best Toner and Mist for Sensitive Skin

Avoid using exfoliating products and alcohol-based toners and mists if you have sensitive skin because they can be too rough for your skin type. Use a soothing toner and mist containing humectants and nourishing substances such as aloe vera or glycerin to calm and hydrate your skin without worsening it. 

Best Toner and Mist for Oily Skin

If your skin is oily or prone to acne, you should apply an exfoliating toner. Salicylic and glycolic acids, two components that help remove dead skin cells and prevent your skin from becoming overly greasy or breaking out, are found in a lot of these toners and mists.

Best Toner and Mist for Dry Skin

Choose a mist and toner that gives moisture while balancing because they include hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, among other substances. Keeping your skin moistened is the aim of nourishing toners. 

Toner and Mist Price in Bangladesh

Product Name


Numbuzin No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner

2400 BDT

TIAM Vita B5 Toner

1800 BDT

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Tea Trica Purifying Toner

2100 BDT

Dabo Speed Whitening Ex Toner

1400 BDT

Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner

2350 BDT


Shipping Details for Toner and Mist

Beauty Booth offers extremely low delivery fees and offers nationwide delivery throughout Bangladesh in 4 to 5 days.