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A makeup highlighter is comparable to a facial magic wand! It's a cosmetic that gives your skin a lovely, radiant sheen. Picture a soft, radiant glow that draws attention to your nose, cheekbones, and other prominent facial features. Typically, highlighters come in the shape of liquids, powders, or creamy sticks. If you want more sparkle, try a glittery one or one that complements your skin tone.

Simply apply a highlighter to the desired places, such as your brow bone, nose bridge, and cheekbones, to achieve the desired effect. Next, use a makeup brush or your fingertips to softly blend it in. It instantly makes your face more radiant and gives you a clean and bold look. 

If you want to enjoy a shiny and bold makeup look, the Beauty Booth is an excellent alternative because it provides the lowest-priced highlighters in Bangladesh. 

The Highlighters that are available at the Beauty Booth

Technic Mega Glow Highlighter

Technic Mega Glow is the best palette to achieve a bronzed glow since it has pressed, intense pigments that are brilliant and vivid. It also works well as an eye shadow in addition to highlighters and bronzers. With the use of Mega Glow Highlighter, one can create the appearance of brightness and height on their face, giving them a "lit from within" appearance.

A'Pieu Full Shot Glam Highlighter 

A'Pieu Full Shot Glam Highlighter leaves skin with a gorgeous, organic, shine that seems to come from inside. This highlighter goes well with a wide range of skin tones. It's not very pink or chilly, nor is it overly yellow. When mixed, the highlighter melts into the complexion, giving the appearance of diffused, effortless skin.

E.l.f. Jelly Highlighter

Its multipurpose jelly nature allows it to be worn alone, over makeup, or blended with foundation, making it the ideal multipurpose highlighter. It goes on creamy and damp and dries to a glowy, long-wearing finish.

E.l.f. Beautifully Bare Liquid Highlighter- Illuminating 

A liquid highlighter that adds light to the face using illuminating pigments to create a dewy, luminous complexion. You may get a luminous appearance by highlighting and strobing with these liquid illuminator drops. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, has been added. Suitable for any skin tone.

Highlighter Price in Bangladesh



A'Pieu Full Shot Glam Highlighter #01 Carat Island (4.8gm)

1200 BDT

Technic Mega Glow Highlighter Warm Edit (10gm)

450 BDT

Technic Mega Glow Highlighter - 10gm

435 BDT

E.l.f. Beautifully Bare Liquid Highlighter- Illuminating (15gm)

550 BDT

E.l.f. Jelly Highlighter (13ml)

700 BDT

Browit Highlight and Contour Pro Palette (3.5gm)

1600 BDT

The Proper Way to Use Highlighter

Apply using a brush or your fingertips to the inner corners of your eyes, your cheekbones, and the browbones—the high points of your face. Utilizable as eyeshadow as well. Regarding liquid highlighter, squeeze a few highlighting dewy drops onto your fingertips after applying contouring makeup.

Shipping Details for Highlighters

  • REDX is the delivery company working for the Beauty Booth

  • The costs for delivery are as follows: within Dhaka, it is 60 Taka; sub-area it is 80 Taka, and outside Dhaka, it is 120 Taka

  • Delivery takes 1-2 days for orders sent inside Dhaka and 3–4 days for orders placed outside of Dhaka city

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of highlighter makeup?

Highlighter is a multifunctional product that can be used to "lift" and enhance bone structure in addition to drawing light to the skin and improving tone for a "lit-from-within" appearance. It's incredible! Furthermore, it can be a little confusing if you're new to the world of makeup.

How should a highlighter be applied?

A light-reflecting makeup item is called a highlighter. According to Shojaie, it's usually applied to the highest parts of the face and other regions where you want to draw attention to yourself or stand out more. Highlighter can be applied to your brow bone, cheeks, temples, cupid's bow, and nasal bridge.