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BB cream price in Bangladesh

BB creams, often known as "Blemish Balm" or "Beauty Balm," are like skin-care superheroes. These wonder creams combine skincare and cosmetics, making them an essential part of any beauty regimen. Imagine a cream that could conceal flaws and blemishes, even provide some sun protection, all while moisturizing your skin and evening out your complexion. It's precisely what BB creams accomplish! They provide a quick and natural-looking makeup look all in one place.

Color Correcting (or "CC") creams are multipurpose skin care products. Their product combines the advantages of skincare and foundation. In addition to offering hydration and UV protection, these creams even out your skin tone and conceal redness and imperfections. Those who prefer a more natural look or dislike wearing a lot of makeup will love them. Incorporating CC creams into your beauty routine is essential since they provide a flawless, glowing complexion.

The Beauty Booth offers a selection of BB and CC creams if you're searching for an online retailer. They deliver all around Bangladesh and to your house for a very reasonable price. 

The Historical Background of BB and CC Creams

The interesting history of BB creams dates back to Germany in the 1960s. Dr. Christine Schrammek, a dermatologist, originally invented them. To aid in her patients' skin healing following procedures like laser surgery, she created a cream. The remedy contained some cosmetics as well as skincare advantages. Subsequently, BB creams became well-liked in South Korea and Japan during the 1980s. They were viewed as a one-product solution for healthy, radiant skin. 

The history of CC creams is intriguing. They began as a skincare product in Asia in the 1960s. At first known as "Color Control" creams, their purpose was to address skin problems. They developed into hybrid cosmetic products in the twenty-first century, combining the advantages of skincare with covering to become the well-known CC creams we use today.

The BB and CC Creams that are available at the Beauty Booth

Pond's BB+ Cream with SPF 30 PA++ 

Pond's BB+ Cream is a two-in-one solution that combines a light foundation with vitamin cream. You can get the twin advantages of light makeup shine and fast spot coverage with it. It minimizes pore size and conceals imperfections to give you a flawless appearance. Pond's BB+ cream gives you that picture-perfect look every day by quickly making your skin look flawless. Fits all types of skin. With Ponds BB+ cream, you can be sure that your skin tone is balanced and noticeably brighter without seeming fake. Pond's BB cream is offered by a beauty booth at the most affordable price.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23 SPF 42 PA+++

The well-liked Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 in shade No. 23 offers the skin several advantages. An all-in-one solution for a beautiful complexion is provided by this BB cream. First off, the cream's high SPF 42 formulation effectively blocks UV rays, protecting skin from sun damage and lowering the risk of skin cancer and aging. This makes it a fantastic option for daily wear, particularly in the summer.

Heimish Moringa Ceramide BB Cream Spf 30 Pa++ #21C

The Moringa Ceramide BB Cream from Heimish strengthens the skin's barrier while also effectively concealing redness and uneven skin tone. This foundation is buildable and lightweight, hydrating the skin for long-lasting coverage while also smoothing out pore size.

Garnier BB Cream Light Shade 

The five skin-perfecting benefits of the oil-free product with Mineral Perline, Antioxidant Wild Berry, and colored mineral pigments are specifically created for oily to combination skin types and include control over shine, pore minimization, skin tone evenness, hydration, and sunburn prevention. Getting a more even-toned, shine-free skin is now quick and simple.

Baby Bright CC Plus Cream SPF45 PA++ 01 Light Beige 

Real-skin finish with CC plus Cream, a nutritious cream foundation! Enriched with Acerola Cherry Extract, Lemon Extract, and Grapefruit Extract for brightening properties, it contains multiple forms of concentrated Vitamin C, including Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, and Ascorbyl Glucoside. It is a perfect choice for oily skin people. 

The Proper Way to Use BB and CC Cream

To rub and mix the product into your skin, use a damp beauty sponge. You can also use your fingers to apply and blend, but if you do, make sure your hands are clean and apply in circular motions for optimal coverage.

Shipping Details for BB and CC Cream

  • Beauty Booth offers extremely low delivery fees and offers nationwide delivery throughout Bangladesh in 4 to 5 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes CC cream different from BB cream?

BB cream is better for dry skin types because it is more moisturizing and can give the complexion a lovely glow. Meanwhile, because CC cream frequently comes in a matte consistency, it has a lighter coverage and works well for oily skin.

Does BB cream replace foundation?

Because BB creams often have skincare advantages, may replace foundation and primer, and include SPF, they can simplify your regimen.

Is it possible to wear BB or CC cream by itself?

Sure, please! If you prefer to take care of your skin without sacrificing the look or feel of makeup but still want some of the coverage or color correction of a foundation or concealer, BB and CC creams are an excellent option.